Wild Orchid Ideas


Generate, provide and disseminate information and environmental studies for sustainable development of Wild Orchid Conservation Programs, with revenue generating business models, from sales of digital media, empowered by Social Activism.

Develop a Crowd source funded project: Conservation of wild orchid, in the Atlantic Forest of South America.

Wild Orchid Ideas is project driven, and designed for social change. Raising awareness by using social media to collaborate with strategic partners. Saving the world’s most vulnerable flowers, while at the same time causing a new type of sustainable industry. Leveraging the value of aesthetic beauty of wild orchid, for deriving revenue from digital media.

Initially 2 websites designed, one for raising funding and the other, a Wiki (open source community) for classifying orchid

* http://wildorchid.info/
* http://wildorchidbrazil.com/

We also registered a Domain name for creating a Non-profit organization – Wild-Orchid.org

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