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My next tour of duty, aside from a jaunt back to my great digs on the sand of Miami Beach, is planned as a week in San Jose, Costa Rica, for the first of December, to attend back-to-back conferences, the first of which is associated to the Winning Streak Business Plan of developing a “Player Reward Club” connected to a new Debit Card designed specifically for Americans to Gamble On-line. I’ve posted this information on OffshoreNet because much of the on-line gaming industry is based “offshore”, and this site in particular, contains information related to this burgeoning industry.
The ASROC conference is designed to discuss Alternative Payment Processing Systems for internet businesses. The importance of this event could not be more emphasized today than ever before. In the wake of a new demand for debit cards, ATM cards and other forms of online payment systems, the ASROC conference establishes a forum to meet current industry needs for finding and integrating reliable online e-commerce systems as alternatives to existing forms of payment processing.

This two day event will include speakers that are experts in electronic payment processing. It is a “no holds barred” event, meaning that questions asked can be as pointed as possible. The conference goal is to seek solutions to existing problems, not merely banter.
Exhibitors of new and existing Alternative Payment Processing products will be shown. Attendees are urged to evaluate and question each exhibitor in detail.
Attendees to this event include:
– Banking Executives
– Internet Merchants
– eCommerce Executives
– Entrepreneurs
Never before has there been such a need for an event to be held for the online industry. All parties involved have been and are impacted by one common element: MONEY.
Online e-commerce is prolific and exectuives of profitable and rapidly growing firms are actively seeking reliable alternative payment processing solutions offering more competitive rates for transactional services. To make their search easier, we assembled a conference with executives from online payment systems worldwide as well as executives from traditional financial institutions in attendance.
The ASROC conference will FOCUS only on eCommerce. Finding solutions to problems and integrating them properly is the goal of this event.
If you are in the online sector, whether it be online travel, retail, or online credit, then this event is for you. Existing and new Alternative Payment Processing companies will be present. Whether it be Prepaid cards, Debit Cards, Independent Banks or new forms of eCommerce, you will find them here at this event. You will have the opportunity to “grill them” with questions. We, like you, want to see that both presenters and exhibitors are companies with alternative payment processing products that both work and are reliable for your needs.
I look forward to seeing you at the event.
Marc Lesnick
The Conference Organizer

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