Offshore on-line gaming

The growth in offshore Internet gambling, surpasses any other industry sector, and is one of the hottest topics today. Experts say the business is in it’s infancy and predict it to generate revenues exceeding $100B within 10 years. Bear Stearns Securities came out with a report suggesting that the industry would reach $125 Billion by 2015. No matter who you believe, the fact is that this sector of the new media economy is here to stay.

Casino and Poker are ideal game applications for the Internet and home computing, as they’re social and more closely mimic the real thing. Imagine a virtual date, or even on-line sex, where’s the reality in that? Compare to making a wager on the flip of a card? the adrenaline rush is almost the same as if you were in Vegas.
How about the newest generation of multi-player game technology? and how real they have become, from companies such as Sony, Microsoft X-Box, and Nintendo, we’ve entered an era (long promised) of virtual reality (VR) via technology but how much money can they generate for the makers? that is compared to gambling. How long till the Casino becomes a mainstay in VR? and what about if you add high definition TV (HDTV)? with multiple flat screen TV’s and surround sound? or what if it were all voice recognized and activated? Where does it end?
My dream is build out one of my oldest Domains, into it’s name sake website – a Casino on a Beach – just like some of my favorite resorts. Yesterday I published a story on OffshoreNet about the bridge suite at the Atlantis Hotel in Bahamas, as that’s my single favorite resort. Just a magnificent location and fabulous hotel. So, imagine if you will… a VR website with live-streaming video, and totally interactive? We’re not far from that now, with one successful site called CasinoWebCam, and several others with live dealer/cams.
Now the price tag for developing a Casino site with the best software, I prefer Playtech from South Africa, would cost about $2.5M, as the leading gaming software vendors require all clients to have a specific amount of money (or more) in escrow, for player aquisition. Still there’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed. Some experts predict that it can take as many as 100,000 active players to hit critical mass – or at least break even within 2 years.
The reason I’m concentrating on developing Winning Streak (WS) first, is to assure myself (and partners) that we have the marketing muscle to generate revenue and reach positive revenue. So far the WS project looks set to launch before the end of 2005, and promises to be an exciting ride, with an exceptional team.
Meanwhile the MLM program designed by 888 is set to launch tomorrow. For more info see: and if this is the kind of thing that excites you, then write to me and I’ll get you on our team.

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