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In all my years of being involved in sales and marketing, I’ve never witnessed a more dynamic combination than what we’re experiencing with the growth on MLM program. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since the official launch and we’ve set records for growth and most likely for volume of sales, as there was $300k of new player deposits in the first 4 days alone.
The company computer sweeps the system and provides detailed reports on the 10th, the 20th, and the 25th of each month, plus performs the overall reconciliation on the 1st day of each month, but because of the processing of player deposit we depend on the 3 reports throughout the month to evaluate total group activity.

For the first time in all the Network Marketing programs that I’ve joined, my team has reached a size where it’ll grow on it’s own but since I’m the group leader my Skype phone is ringing constantly throughout the day and email traffic is starting to increase. It’s amazing how the use of Internet technology is impacting this momentum, as it seems that everyone has a home computer with high speed connection. Also, Skype and Instant Messenger mean it’s nothing to be communicating with several people at once, on as many as 4 continents at a time, or click the conference button on Skype and invite 3 other people onto 1 telephone call. This is amazing.
At the heart and soul of a terrific business opportunity, there must be a great product. The product must fill a need, solve a problem, provide value, or enhance people’s lives. Well the Casino and Poker products of 888 are exceptional, and for anyone who likes to add a little thrill and excitement to their lives, via the home computer, well one look at this product and you’ve got a smile from ear to ear. – It sells itself.
On the business side, the first thing to differentiate an ML Business in the On-line Gaming industry can be described with one small word “FUN”. People call me so excited, I see them on-line playing Poker and read message about how somebody won a Jackpot in Slots, or one clever guy I know that’s parlayed a $50 deposit into a $1,200 windfall after only 2 weeks, and loving it. This business is much more fun than any other type of business that I know about. Maybe you’re thinking that I’m just writing this to promote, sell, or recruit? maybe you’re right? but for the first time in Network Marketing I’m having fun and I’m inspired to write about it.
Please tell me how you can have your own Casino business, reach every country in the world, in 11 languages with support 24/7 for an award winning product that you don’t need to ship, maintain or warranty? This business costs $25 and you get your own website to work for you, then you start showing people and guess what? they love it! and want it! so you invite people to join your network and guess what? they can’t wait to get started. This is what I’ve predicted since 1998 when I joined the (the MLM of which failed), and then in 2004 when I joined ActionOnlineCasino (which also failed). I knew some company like would finally get it right, and that the number of broadband Internet users in the world would hit critical mass, with enough of a inkling to what On-line Gambling would be like. We are here!
Take the surest bet of your life, Join the Winning Streak Team.

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