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Since I changed this Weblog from being more of a personal journal, formally called “a Canadian Living in Brazil”, and mostly about my observations from living and working here in Sao Paulo, Brasil, to a more corporate type Blog with articles about my various different web development projects, plus categories for stories about people and places. Now I added body, mind, and spirit because these are things that really matter to me, and I enjoy writing about these aspects of my life.

Cachaça Caipirinha - mind, body and spirit
This weblog helps me improve myself and my life. Let’s face it we’re all confronted with challenges in our lives, and sometimes the best way to work through them is to express yourself in words, or in my case webpages. From 44 years of living a fairly ambitious lifestyle, I’ve learned that the challenges related to most things can be overcome, usually with persistence or perseverance, and almost always with a good purposeful use of the mind. Perhaps the worst challenges are those related to the body or mind, and these would effect the spirit. However, having a good attitude might be the main key to overcoming any and all challenges. It’s not possible for me to go through life without reflecting on body, mind, and spirit.
Your body is your temple, my mother would say.

When I was younger there wasn’t much time (I thought) for philosophical debate about health and lifestyle, as I was too busy just living it. Now I’m starting to see and feel the effects of aging and find more time to reflect on the topic of my body. I enjoy good food and love sex, but who doesn’t? Also, in recent years I’ve been known to tip back a few beers, savor a good bottle of wine with friends, or even down a couple of powerful cocktails ie. the famous Brazilian “Caipirinha“. Each week my wife Paula and I try to run (or jog may be more like it) at least 4 days per week, play tennis and occasionally (not nearly enough) swim in the giant pool at our wonderful and massive Club. So, all that being said, you can understand why I’ve added those categories to this Weblog, and also why I think these are things that I most enjoy writing about.

If you’ve just read all that, then I thank you for taking the time. The weird thing about keeping a Blog, is that sometimes it tends to get personal but I think that’s what keeps it interesting, at least for me. The idea is to add a little here and there everyday, and over time, an interesting type of story starts to unfold, which is different to every reader, as they mix and match the various different categories. But truthfully, I’m not doing this for your benefit, although I hope that you do benefit, but instead for my on self-therapy, and so I’ll have stuff to look back on.
In closing I’d like to say, that even though I’m not a particularly religious person, I do believe in a higher, or universal power, for whom I’ve chosen to use the name God, which would make it evident that I believe in God, as I believe that I do. And having said that, I’ll take this opportunity, to thank God, for proving me with a good body, decent mind, and strong spirit.

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