Melania Trump and the Be Best Hashtag

Dear Digital Soldiers, I am requesting assistance in defending the Be Best Hashtag, as my Facebook account was terminated and had been the primary defender of that hashtag. Note that I don’t use that tag outside of direct support of original actions of FLOTUS. Each time she produces new digital content, download, sort, save and re-purpuse as content to support her intentions. Attempt to keep the tag use very focused.

Please refrain from spamming that tag or the digital art work of Melania Trump, by altering or water-marking her content. Remember it is her Intellectual Property and she has freely given it to the public domain, which still doesn’t make it right to rip her off (using for other purposes). Note that jacket from Zara where it was written “I really don’t care, do you?” (I call that courage) was an Epoch for child slavery in the garment industry.

Melania Trump gave us this important piece of powerful code, almost like a magic incantation. The Be Best tag is vitally important for our generation because it is a very short and yet extremely evocative. It reads as an action verb and it’s oh so sweet to say, perfect for parting words to a loved one. “Be well and be best”.

If we nurture this moniker that Melania has gifted us, we can make miracles happen for children everywhere. Practising incantations of positive intentions and harnessing the hidden power of collective focus. Abracadabra (search that meaning), we have the BeBest tag, please put it to work. Thank you Melania and God Bless America.

Definition of epoch

1a : an event or a time marked by an event that begins a new period or development

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