Independence Day

My entire life I’ve held a fascination with the USA, having grown up less than an hours drive from the border, I spent weekends in the winter skiing on a mountain with a ski club called “Borderline”. From the top of the mountain you could see as far as the eye could see into Washington State. Many of the ski club members, my friends, were from the States (as we called it). As I grew older the appeal for the land of the free and home of the brave grew and grew, while I often crossed the border with my friends to explore some of the regions closest to British Columbia.
When I was 18 years old I made a trip to Hawaii and for 2 weeks and got a full adult version (I was legal drinking age) of the culture of America, that was the start of a long romance.

Throughout my young adulthood I made several more excursions into the USA, down to Tucson and over to Los Angeles. Then when I travelled across S.E. Asia and went down under to Australia for a few years I found myself increasingly travelling with Americans. We Canadians are very versatile at adapting, at least I am, but there’s no culture easier for us to adopt than that of USA. The winning attitude of Americans starts to run off on anyone who hangs around them for awhile and for better or worse a person begins to behave similar to Yank after a while. Which is to say; work hard, play hard and go for the gold.
Having lived 12 years in South Florida and driven across the country several times from top to bottom (NY to Fl) and twice from side to side (Wa to Fl) enjoyed time in nearly every city and several visits to L.A., NYC, Dallas and Las Vegas plus I’ve visited the Grand Canyon, the Badlands of South Dakota and a dozen wonderful natural attractions between. Still it’s the people that make it great but I feel a buzz happening amongst the people I know from the USA and those living abroad that their Government has really messed things up for them. The world’s opinion of America seems to be at an all-time low. I was glad to move to Brazil when I did and feel that personal freedom in the USA is a thing of the past, that because of fear after 9-11 they acted in a radical way and it’s come around to become a problem which won’t be easy to correct.
It’s such a perfect name to mark the day of a celebration, as it could mark any independence from anything or anyone, although we understand it to celebrate Independence from the British Empire. Very key fact to realize that once upon a time the great country and people of USA were rebels and became Ex patriots of the British. The people (I know) from the USA are so free-spirited, descendants of those that fought the empire all those years ago, to win what was rightfully there’s that most would agree that the very idea of 4th of July represents victory over oppression, or independence from a gouging tax-regime (Britain), similar to a nagging and fat charge card bill, either way it’s a day that the entire world can celebrate because in my opinion the United States of America has brought much more good to the world than bad. Now it’s time for the true Patriots to take control again and correct the problems associated to a deviant Government that’s been allowed to charge too much on their card, it’s time to cut losses, consolidate the debt, tighten the belt, and get on a new plan to once again become the leader of the free world.

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God Bless America!

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  1. Michael August 3, 2006 at 6:39 pm #

    July 4 is a special day to us “born” and raised in the United States of America. Our Ancestors came to this land to be free from oppression, which is why we cannot stand it when anyone no matter where they are in the World is proscuted for their beliefs.
    Jealousy has and will always be a deadly sin!

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