Gambling for New Orleans

I made my first trip to New Orleans in 2000 with my brand new wife to celebrate our Honeymoon. We stayed at the Fairmont Hotel in a wonderful suite overlooking the French Quarter, close to the mouth of the Missippi river and a very short walk from Harrah’s Casino. I adore New Orleans and my bride and I enjoyed the historic city during perfect spring weather. We drove all the way from Ft. Lauderdale, some 14 hours but it was worth it to then have the car at our disposal for touring around the great city and it’s then undamaged neighborhoods.

I can’t even imagine what New Orleans is like now, especially all the cool out-lying hoods but I watched in total dismay as the events of Hurricane Katrina sank the great city and know from what I heard, read and seen on the news that most of what we saw back in 2000 will never be the same.
The history of new Orleans would be a lie without gambling involved. It was a shame that Online Gambling couldn’t have been mobilized within 48 hours of the initial disaster to assist the people hardest hit by the hurricane. Imagine if CNN and all the other news organizations had told their viewers that an Online Casino had been opened to raise money and broadcast the website URL. What an effective way to raise allot of money fast, and allow other Casinos and Sportsbooks (that want some publicity) to pledge donations or offer staff and support etc… Allow people to use the Net to effectively mobilize money-making operations in the shortest period of time, the longest lasting methods, that have the ability to generate cash flow with low overhear quickly.
Now I read an article on one of my favorite information sources, called Ludwig Von Mises Institute, or some know of it as just Mises. A great article by Vedran Vuk about how New Orleans needs Gambling revenue now to save the city and unfortunately Harrah’s have an exclusive deal with the city which is causing complications and becoming a war of words. Then of course you have liberals who would attempt to stop any form of gambling at any cost, getting into the mix. Otherwise, New Orleans could rise up again, faster, bigger and better by following in the steps of Atlantic City or Las Vegas.
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