Digital Angel Soldiers Training Guide

Digital Angel Soldiers Training Guide

Where we go one, we go all! Best is yet to come!

Digital Angel Soldiers Training Guide is for new information warriors, to learn how to arm yourselves for the fight against FAKE NEWS, FAKE SCIENCE and new world order propaganda, using reason and logic with full power of truth.

An emanation of stinky old dogma is wafting from obsolete bureaucratic paper tigers. These giant organizations have no nation state, no actual mandate and no real authority. We must gently urge other people that we did not invite a new group of leaders and we can solve problems ourselves, using innovation and ingenuity, inside a free market system.

This pretense of controlling “the Great reset” and “Build back better” is smoke and mirrors but has all the indicators of a bad B roll James Bond movie with a cast of evil villains, deep state swamp characters, a massive cast of wanna-be’s and a giant field of corn (hapless, useless idiots). However, having said (to make my point about our opponent), the key take-away HERE: try not to insult the enemy, rather out-whit them.

Already the behaviour of the supposed philanthropists and save the world ideology, has provided nothing but human misery in it’s wake, to show for all the great minds getting together over all these years. Now today nothing but lock-downs, trans-humanism and total vaccine ID control of us all, in it’s future plans. They went too far because we were ignoring them.

FAKE Great Reset, Build Back Better etc… is a transgression on humanity and must be strongly opposed by peaceful online activism become a Digital Angel Soldier.

Truth is our weapon, so choose your words carefully and use data, charts, graphs or memes to match your topic and prepare to be consistent and persistent. Know your chosen topics, do your research and prepare your folders with effective images always content with links to credible sources. Use Wikipedia for source and remember that facts win debates.

Always read or watch content that you recommend others to read, don’t just spam more content but rather extract highlights and use powerful sentences to ask your audience to learn something that they need to know. Attempt to arouse curiosity and/or suspicion of propaganda.

CodeMonekeyZ says some may scoff at my appearance but there is no denying that I am one of the top network defence analysts in the world.
For nearly a decade Ron aka CodeMonkeyZ has successfully defended some of the biggest and most frequently attacked networks against the largest network attacks in history. Rock on brother, you deserve it!

Do not engage in debate unless you know the facts. Focus on a target idea to shed light upon, with truth. Intend to cause people to ask themselves the question that you are attempting to impart. For example; I wonder if the chip implant would get irritated under my skin? Or; what if it caused harm to me that they don’t know about yet? Why no long-term study first? etc…

Our purpose is to enlighten people who are resisting the notion that we are entering “Greatness” which is a Trump euphemism for NESARA which is the actual global financial reset. The globalist cabal dropped their scam 201 and are now attempting to hijack the reset, and put the central bank back in control, through it’s new proxies and partners. However, the USD is the world reserve currency, also known as the petro dollar (for a good reason).

Cash is King and USD is the King of Cash, and whether you like it or not Trump is the POTUS and at this time in history the Treasury controls the destiny of the dollar. Trump as achieved the impossible, he controls the money supply for planet earth and he’s about the unleash the Kraken.

Trust in God. Trust in the plan but Armour up by focusing your shots on subjects that you personally are prepared to defend in a ma·no a ma·no death match digital debate. The open source comment debate, never slump to Ad hominem, as soon as you do it’s over, you lost. Only facts can win, when you have the truth on your side.

Kid by the Side of the Road is the single most powerful weapon in the arsenal of truth, it’s precision and incisive. All you have to do is get someone to read it, and your mission, for that person, is complete. Rinse and repeat, as you progress you’ll observe the objections and learn to overcome them. Get everyone to want to know what’s in the book BUT never try to tell the dream sequence, or any descriptions – just read it!

Kid by the Side of the Road is a 68 page booklet by Juan O’Sovin can be purchased for download from Gum Road – Kid by the Side of the Road

Be in the light and you become the light! A true Digital Angel Soldier is fighting for peace and love! Never give up the fight!

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