Crown & Anchor

Invest Offshore - Crown AnchorMy first effort of image development for a web site design started over 10 years ago with the “crown & anchor” which I believe offers image correlation for “invest & offshore”. Back in my early days of learning Photoshop this was a good practice subject, one which I’ve continued to devote time to right up till present day. Now I’m challenged with the task of making all sizes of banners from this icon, and the very difficult small buttons (120×60 pixels). Far from being a graphics wizard, everything comes to me from trial and error.
The Crown & Anchor image featured here, originally started out in the pages of a book about Naval insignia from the library. The symbol from the Dutch Navy is that of an Ensign, was scanned from the book, enlarged and then pixel by pixel transformed to become the icon I’ve used all these years for Invest Offshore.
My favorite colors to use with the crown & anchor are royal blue, gold and purple. Recently the blues and purple colors I’m fond of were found in an image taken from inside a large and powerful breaking wave, which lends the effect of motion and I find the effect to be very pleasing to the eye – see the design mock-up.

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