Breakthrough Thinking

We live in a world of compiled ideas, accrued over time, reinvented with applications of old ideas combined with new breakthroughs. Every day pieces of this enormous cosmic jigsaw puzzle fit together, making clear new ideas to manifest into improvements in the things we use to make our lives better, or more comfortable. So many independent minds, adding improvements on so many already effective tools and systems, that we’ve brought this planet and it’s inhabitants to this level of technological sophistication is amazing. Almost every person alive today has the ability latent in them to make the world a better place.

Everything man-made started with an idea, and a thinker using their mind to solve a problem or make an improvement. Most of the world’s daily production of ideas is coming from brains-for-hire, people who create information for a living. But breakthrough ideas most often come from thinkers who are using their minds to do things and/or go places metaphorically speaking that other people before them have not. Yet the path to success in finding breakthroughs is in following and mastering the steps of so many thinkers before you, using an even larger array of tools and systems, invented and devised by yet another infinite number of thinkers, to equip the problem solver.
Ironically the best way to extract nuggets of wisdom from one’s own mind, while seeking the tell-tale signs on the path of the breakthrough idea, is to do nothing, except think about it while you do something completely unrelated to the work with the tools and systems you normally use. Ultimately an outdoor physical exercise such as walking, running, swimming or bicycle riding, the more strenuous the better. If this method of idea extraction is applied consistently enough, with the right information input to seek the right solutions to smaller problems, then over time the collection of smaller ideas turn to an aggregate of the successes from those that were applied inside plans that were executed. In the end it’s the execution of plans containing all the ideas that makes the differnce.
Taking action and executing plans is the only way to test ideas, if consistency is practiced eventually enough of the ideas that provided benefit will collect to form something practical and useful, soon other people will be interested to learn more and perhaps contribute to your ideas, finally value begins to form. From value can be derived a livelihood, once the challenge is over-come related to the commerce of the ideas to other people, then as the energy from each new individual thinker is added to the whole original idea it becomes easier to execute the plans which are always seeking the quantum leap where your ideas collide with someone elses, you’ll be in the right position at the right time when it comes (and it will). This is breakthrough thinking.

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