Art of Life

Life doesn’t imitate art,
Life is Art.
~ John Lennon

Imagine living in peace without any fear? where each day was filled with beauty, love, happiness, pleasure, work, reward, discovery, and achievement.

Imagine living a life where your input was not only acknowledged and valued but where your very being was a thickly woven rope in the fabric of society, due to connections with family, friends, associates and the people living around you.
Imagine that you were both a scientist and an artist, with a vision of solving problems, discovering new ideas and then creating art to share with others and leave behind for no other reason than to contribute to culture and to sustain the life.
Now imagine a lifestyle devoted to health, fitness and self-improvement and then add to that the notion that the family is the core to what has value in providing happiness and that value is extracted by giving as much and in as many ways as possible to the people and animals in the family, plus those immediately touching the family members. Consider that the commodity in most abundance and the very currency for giving to others was time and consideration, the benefits of it’s expenditure providing a return on the investment like no other purchase.
If a person can manifest these ideas, then their life will become a Masterpiece.

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