Aaron Arthur Day

My name is Aaron Day and I’m the Webmaster of Silicon Palms and Winning Streak. Since 1995 I’ve been involved with on-line Gambling and met my lovely Brazilian wife Paula, the love of my life, in Curacao in 1996, while installing the first Casino and Sportsbook online in that country (now there are hundreds).
Originally born in Vancouver, Canada, I was always curious about what was over the next hill, so quit high school at 16 and set off to make my fortunes. Worked in the oil fields of northern Canada on big pipeline jobs, lived in hundred + man camps inside the Arctic Circle and planted trees in the Rocky Mountains. By the age of 19 I had a vision, while living in 40 degrees below zero climates, that I would be involved with the Internet and live somewhere warm, problem was that the web wouldn’t be invented for 12 more years and I didn’t know how to turn on a computer.

Traveled through S.E Asia and lived in Australia for 3 years, where I got a real education in life, plus read Penguin Classics. Next I moved to the big smoke in Toronto, Canada and learned about the daily grind of a big city, hustling sales and getting through a real estate course (my first real career). Started computing via real estate but in 1990 blew out of TO for MIA by way of I-95. In other words; I loaded everything I owned in my Jeep and drove to Florida, where I started from scratch with nothing but my desire and passion for computing.
When the WWW was born in 1993 I was ready, and amongst the first 1,000 people to load a copy of Mosaic (pre-Netscape) on my computer since I had a friend who worked for IBM research. Registered my first Domain InvestOffshore in ’94 and a dozen before ’96 including SecurityTraders (and other financial Domains), then was hired by the owner of a Gambling Cruise Ship, Ft. Lauderdale to Freeport Bahamas, called the SeaEscape to set up a computerized Sportsbook in their Casino. I’ve never left the world of Gambling since.
Vancouver is home to some of the best programmers, marketers, and entrepreneurs in the online Casino industry. It’s my home city and I travel there as often as possible. San Jose, Costa Rica is the Mecca of the big offshore Sportsbooks. Great city and a fabulous country that I will return often for the rest of my life and suggest every passionate GPWA member make a trip to Mecca. Btw: most of the Sportsbooks will gladly give you a tour.
Curacao is amongst the most special places on Earth (for me) but I haven’t been back since 1998, however before I left (on the last visit) there was already evidence of effects of this burgeoning industry “online gambling” and now? If you go to Mambo Beach and look up on the hill behind the Beach park you’ll see the satellite dishes of some of the biggest Gaming companies in the world and on the beach; many cool young guys and gals from all over the world that work in our industry. It’s truly a marvel how far and how fast it’s grown.
Now I hang my hat in Sao Paulo, Brasil and enjoy a great lifestyle at 3:1 on the USD ($1 USD buys R$2.3 Brasil) as a hired marketing consultant and Webmaster. Now I’m on a winning streak and invite you to join me….

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