888.com to launch 888.biz

The worlds most successful Internet Gambling Company is launching a Multi-Level Marketing Company called 888.biz, on November 1, 2005.
How does the program work?
The program allows you to build a business and make money by referring players to online Casino and poker games; you can then build a team of other reps that also refer players to 888.com

What does it cost to join the programme?
In order to join the program you need to purchase a replicating website for $100 annual subscription. This website is essential for operating your business. From this website you can register players, register new reps and track the progress of your business via the back office system. Once your initial annual subscription has expired you need to maintain your website subscription by purchasing quarterly website subscriptions at $20 per quarter.
How do we register and track players?
You should direct people to your 888.biz website where they can review information about registering for poker or casino. Once they have reviewed this information they can then sign up directly from your website and your tracking code will be carried through to 888.com systems in order that this player will be tracked back to you.
Do players get any sort of incentive to register via my website?
Yes, players registering via www.888.com will receive a standard sign on bonus of:
Casino – 100% bonus on their initial deposit up to a maximum of $200
Poker – 25% bonus on their initial deposit up to a maximum of $100
But players registering via our home page will receive:
Casino – 110% bonus on their initial deposit up to a maximum of $200
Poker – 30% bonus on their initial deposit up to a maximum of $100
When is commission paid on a player I have recommended?
Obviously we will only pay for players that are genuine players. The first step is that players need to be a New Player (NP). Players are counted as NPs for poker once they have deposited $20 and for casino $50. Within 2 working days of a player registering via your website and making the required deposit, they will be shown in the back office part of your website. However we need to check that the players are actually using the casino and poker prior to paying commission on them. In the middle and at the end of the month, we will run checks on all the New Players in order to make sure that they are genuine players that actually play at the casino or poker. Once we have verified that the new player referred by you is a genuine player he will become an Approved New Player (ANP) then commission is payable on this player. Once these checks have been completed in the middle and end of the month then this player will be updated in the back office part of your website with ANP status.
I understand you runs a “Refer a Friend” programme. Will players I have referred be paid for referring friends?
We promote to all players the ability to refer a friend and receive $50 commission. It is not possible to exclude players recommended via this programme from the “refer a friend” activity so you need to make sure that you get your new players to refer their friends to you before they recommend them directly to us.
Can I make my own website to promote the program?
No, you can only use the replicated site provided to promote the programme and to gather players. Any rep that uses our names or logos on any website other than the company website will be expelled from the programme. You can however link to your website from other websites as long as the website you are linking from does not use our names or logos.
How am I paid commission?
All commissions are paid into your Neteller account. Once you have registered as a rep you will need to register a Neteller account via http://www.neteller.com/ab/ Neteller will provide you with your account code. Once you have received your account number you will need to add this to your account with us so we can pay your commissions. Commissions are calculated in the first 10 days of the month for the preceding month and paid into your Neteller account shortly thereafter.
Can I refer players to both casino and poker?
Yes, casino and poker are different businesses to us so you if you recommend a player to both you will receive two different commissions one for poker and one for casino.
Can I register myself for poker and casino?
Yes you can register for poker and or casino and as long as you are a genuine player you will receive commission for referring yourself.
What activity do I need to do each month in order to be eligible to receive commissions?
Commissions can only be paid to you if your rep account is active. This means that you have either;
Refer an ANP or rep that month and players personally referred by you, including yourself, have bet at least $100
Players personally referred by you, including yourself, have bet at least $300
Can I register more than one person on the same computer?
No, in order to stop fraud we track a computer’s unique code at the time a player signs up. So we will only pay commission on one poker and one casino player per computer.
How do I find out if I have been promoted and how does this affect my commissions?
In order to achieve the initial promotion levels you need to register a combination of players and reps. Players need to achieve ANP status in order to count towards a promotion. NPs are added to your account within 2 working days of registering in order that you can track your progress. Due to the anti fraud checks that need to be completed ANPs are added to your account twice a month, in the middle and shortly after the end of the month. As a result if your promotion requires a rep you can be promoted at the time that the rep registers but if your promotion requires an ANP then your promotion will happen on one of the two occasions in the month that ANPs are uploaded. Commissions calculated at the end of the month will then calculate your commission based on your promotion level at the end of the month for initial levels in the plan – rep, half8, active8, double8 & triple8. However for the top promotion levels you need to have achieved this level at the beginning of the month in order to be paid at this level.
Can I lose my promotion level?
No once you have qualified at a level you stay at this level.
How do I get started?
write: aaron@winningstreak.com

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