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Q How does the program work?
A 888.biz allows you to build a business and make money by referring players to 888 online Casino and Poker games. You can then build a team of other reps that also refer players to 888.
Q Can I make money from just building a team of reps?
A No, absolutely not, the 888.biz business opportunity is based around referring players to 888’s online poker and casino.

Q Do I need to be a customer of 888’s products?
A No, you do not. But as you are going to recommend 888’s products to others, we do believe that it would helpful to your business if you were familiar with the products we offer. Not to mention that you’ll probably enjoy the games, just as millions of others do. Also, do not forget that even when you sign up you’ll receive a bonus as an Approved New Player.
Q What do I do if I still have more questions?
A Get in touch with the person who introduced you to this program and they should be able to answer any further questions you may have, which will enable you to decide if this exciting opportunity is indeed for you.
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Q What does it cost to join the program?
A In order to join the program you need to purchase a 888.biz replicated website for $25 annual subscription. This website is essential for operating your business. From this website you can register players, register new reps and track the progress of your business via the back office system. Once your initial annual subscription has expired you need to renew your website subscription by purchasing another annual subscription for $25.
Q Once I have decided to join the 888.biz team what do I do next?
A Get in touch with person who originally introduced you to 888.biz, as they will be your sponsor. They will also guide you in your first days and show you how simple it is and help you to gather your first customers.
Q I have registered and I still haven’t received an e-mail with my username and password ID, what’s wrong?
A Due to excessive SPAM on the Internet, you may not find our e-mails in your Inbox. Please check your ‘SPAM’ or ‘Bulk’ folder and check if the e-mail is there. We have noticed that many users of Yahoo!, Hotmail, and G-mail have received our mail in either their Spam or Bulk folders. AOL blocks emails coming from 888 altogether and we therefore strongly advise you do not use an AOL account to sign up to the program. If you still cannot find the e-mail please contact us.
Q I am not a resident in the USA; may I register to be an 888.biz rep?
A No, you may not. At the moment only people with a US address may register to become an 888.biz rep. Our legal team is currently checking the possibility of accepting reps from other countries. On the other hand, as an American resident you do have the right to recruit customers throughout the world (with the exception of Israel, Gibraltar, Antigua, and Hong Kong).
Q Can I construct my own website to promote 888.biz?
A No, you can only use the 888.biz replicated site provided to promote 888.biz and to gather players. Any rep that uses 888 holdings PLC names or logos on any website other than the company website might be expelled from the program. You can however link to your 888.biz website from other websites as long as the website you are linking from does not use 888 holdings PLC names or logos.
Q If I sign up as an 888.biz rep would I be an 888 employee?
A No, you would be an independent representative for 888.biz and therefore running your own business. Although you will be working for yourself you will have the support of the company and your team leaders to help you best achieve your goals.
Q As my business grows, how do I keep track of what’s going on?
A As soon as you sign up with 888.biz you will receive a duplicate 888.biz website. This website, like all websites of 888.biz independent representatives, is hooked up to a central server, which in turn uses a program that tracks all activities of all reps and customers. On this site you will be able to see your genealogy (both personal and matrix), the revenues created by your customers and the approval status of players and can be accessed via your website 24 hours a day.
Q How long will a rep remain in the system if he is completely inactive?
A After 3 months (90 day’s) of inactivity, he will be contacted and offered another month (30 day’s) to reactivate his position. If he remains inactive after this time, then he will be deleted from the system completely.
Q When can a rep return to the system once he has been deleted or left?
A No rep is allowed to reapply for 6 months. They cannot return to their previous position and lose all rights to their original organization. They will rejoin and start as if new to the business.
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