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Lion's Gate Portal

Lion’s Gate Portal Energy

YOU ARE WITHIN THE LION’S GATE PORTAL ENERGIES! The Lion’s Gate Portal is always an amazing energetic gateway. This year it’s the perfect storm. Solar Weather Energies, Galactic Alignment Energies, plus Ascension Energies. All our standard energies plus the Lion’s Gate Portal Energies will increase the incoming energies, 10 fold. So if you’re beginning to […]

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Space observing system of the Schumann Resonances

Schumann Resonances and Space Observing System

Schumann Resonances are an important science fact that it is not taught widely in school and something I have been aware of in the last couple of years, as I was seeking answers to ringing in the ears. Schumann Resonances is an important natural phenomenon to understand because it has a powerful effect on us […]

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