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Vancouver sunset - Vancouver Island Ormus

Vancouver Island Ormus

I’ve been using Ormus for 90 days and could tell the difference in my hair, skin and especially nails. This intelligent super-food seems to provide something my body wasn’t getting in my diet. Supplementing a shot of Ormus each day has made a difference I can testify to. Also, topical application of Ormus directly on […]

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Nature, Macro, Blueberry, Blue Superfood

Superfoods and Medium Chain Triglycerides

A blueberry can be defined as a “superfood” however that’s not it alone, the idea is to extract the raw energy fluids from organically grown food and combine them into a concoction that maximizes the benefits of each and every ingredient, boost absorption by ingesting MCT oils that have been derived from natural sources, then […]

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