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Lion's Gate Portal

Lion’s Gate Portal Energy

YOU ARE WITHIN THE LION’S GATE PORTAL ENERGIES! The Lion’s Gate Portal is always an amazing energetic gateway. This year it’s the perfect storm. Solar Weather Energies, Galactic Alignment Energies, plus Ascension Energies. All our standard energies plus the Lion’s Gate Portal Energies will increase the incoming energies, 10 fold. So if you’re beginning to […]

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House Number, Eight, Fish, Mosaic, 8, Number, Digit and Lions Gate Portal Opens 8/8

Lions Gate Portal Opens 8/8

The Lions Gate Portal opens from July 26th to August 12th, sending beams of high vibration energy to planet Earth, however the energies are at their peak on August 8th. Millions of web references saying the Lion’s Gate opens on the eighth day of the eighth month, activating the energetic power of 8/8 that many […]

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