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Online and Mobile Payments

State-of-the-art technology. Automate your user payments flow, pay less for your transactions, access flexible online reports, guarantee the integrity of all your payment traffic…and much more.

Cloud & Hosting Products

Small– and medium-sized businesses are increasingly asking how they can leverage the flexibility of Cloud services. Silicon Palms Cloudn makes it easy to get customers into the Cloud with a scalable infrastructure platform that’s perfect for fluctuating demands.

Advanced Managed Private Servers

Providing your clients with dedicated server solutions can give them peace of mind and security. By reselling dedicated managed hosting from our network, you can earn a valuable, recurring revenue stream without having to deal with hardware, maintenance, security and licensing headaches.

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Linux®, FreeBSD® and Windows® platforms
  • Linux® with cPanel® available
  • 24×7×365 support

Advanced Virtual Private Servers

Allow your customers to rent a slice of a large shared server, and give them the computing horsepower they need at a competitive price.

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Linux® and FreeBSD® platforms
  • Linux® with cPanel® available
  • 24×7×365 support

Business Hosting

Our Business Hosting Solutions are the perfect foundation for end-customers that are just starting out. With the best features, built-in tools and available add-ons in the industry, it’s easy to craft the perfect packages to meet customer demand.

  • Robust email, SEO and local search tools
  • Website building tools and ShopSite shopping cart software
  • Blogging, basic multimedia support and domain name registration services are also available

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team serves as an extension of your team, delivering cost-effective ways to add revenue and help you meet the needs your end-customers – without hiring and training staff or learning new technologies. Meet customer demand for mobile websites, SEO and ecommerce without investing a lot of time, money or effort. Best of all, you still control the relationship.

The Silicon Palms Platform provides a Unified Communications Strategy. A brilliant combination of hardware and software engineering, designed to enhance all of your communication needs.

Platform Technology

This VOIP cloud system is a proprietary software-based system architect-ed from the ground up by outsource engineers to allow services, features, products and communications technologies to be quickly engineered, interconnected and deployed in intervals as short as one day. The CCSS is at the heart of our unique hosted solution and manages all the latest communications services and technologies contained in its own ecosystem.

Business Applications

Business process tools are sophisticated applications, that reduce repetitive tasks, enabling the business owner to concentrate on other processes that will enhance their business.

Communication Systems

We focus on bringing you Internet technology solutions that fit your needs, to make you successful online.