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Shelley Anne Day

It’s my sister’s birthday today and I tried calling her but she was out-to-lunch (no pun intended). I’m blessed with a great family and love both my sisters, as they’re so magnanimous, clever, and enthusiastic. Shelley is particularity feisty, almost to the point of being stubborn, but has great sensibilities and incredible values. (more…)

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Point of Life

For several years I’ve been subscribed to a Newsletter by a man from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, named Michael Levy. I really can’t even remember how I came about to be registered, because it’s been so long. Perhaps through “Science of Mind” as I attended the services regularly for many years when I lived in South […]

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Aaron on Big Rock Brazil - Pedra Grande and Body by design

Body by design

My girlfriend has pictures around our house from the good old days, when I was some 20 pounds lighter than I am now. Without trying to sound like a diet-sales-spam, I’m going to use the cliche “I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life”. I suppose I’m lucky that I’m not obese, and […]

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Aaron Arthur Day

My name is Aaron Day and I’m the Webmaster of Silicon Palms and Winning Streak. Since 1995 I’ve been involved with on-line Gambling and met my lovely Brazilian wife Paula, the love of my life, in Curacao in 1996, while installing the first Casino and Sportsbook online in that country (now there are hundreds). Originally […]

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The History of my Grandfather

William John Kane – 1907-2000 William John Kane was born in Dublin’s fair city in 1907. He was the offspring of Mary and William George Kane of -2 Chester Road Dublin, Ireland. Willie, as his mother called him, was born in Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital on the 21st of July 1907. He was a two-month premature […]

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Richest woman in the World

Ruth Parasol is one of the founders of PartyGaming. A controversial figure, Ms. Parasol refuses to be interviewed. Listed as # 164 on the Forbes 400 List, with a Net Worth of $1.8 B. The British IPO of PartyGaming resulted in a storm of tabloid and mainstream press coverage of Ms. Parasol, which further clouded […]

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Brother and sister

My sister Shelley and I have always been close friends, and living here in Brasil I think about her often and miss hanging-out with her. Now the baby she’s carrying in the photo, has turned out to be a great little boy, my nephew Jacob. A couple of days ago I received pictures from Canada […]

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Cacha├ža Caipirinha - mind, body and spirit

My body, mind, and spirit

Since I changed this Weblog from being more of a personal journal, formally called “a Canadian Living in Brazil”, and mostly about my observations from living and working here in Sao Paulo, Brasil, to a more corporate type Blog with articles about my various different web development projects, plus categories for stories about people and […]

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