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June 25, 2005:
New design and layout finished and uploaded to OSWD. Since it is my first contribution to this site, it has been given the title "andreas01".


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We specialize in web site design, development, and marketing.

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Silicon Palms offers customized Web development and hosting. Our team of developers will provide you with Internet Solutions that will meet your specific needs. We will power your Web site with the best hosting solution on the market. If your needs are basic or complex, we will provide the service and skills you need at an affordable price.

Silicon Palms LogoWe offer domain name registration, shared hosting options, virtual hosting options, E-commerce, hosted database solutions, dedicated servers, and more. Our team will work with you to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet your needs.

Silicon Palms offers solutions to improve your internal operations, enhance your marketing efforts, and increase your profitability. We offer multiple platforms for you to choose from, and we support a wide selection of Web applications.

Web Site Marketing and Promotion Services

Excellence, improvement, and performance.When your site is on the Internet, we will help you market the site by adding it to online search engines.

Our expert team will do our best to have you listed effectively on search engines, and make it possible for you to reach customers anywhere in the world. In addition, we will continue to work as your consultants, every step of the way, helping you market your site more effectively and improve your operations.

Please contact us for additional information.