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4/30 - idea spawned

5/1 - design created

5/1 - design submitted to OSWD for approval

Hello, and welcome to autonomous, my 4th design for OSWD. First, I'd like to tell a little about myself and who I am. I own my own web design company, Principle of Design, but have been designing for 5 years. It may be a little surprising but I'm only 15 years old and am a sophomore in high school. I stay basically inside on my computer all day except for school and gym practice.

  thoughts on this design
After orangray, I wasn't happy with what I had made, so I decided to make another orange and gray design. This one I like much better and everything doesn't feel so cramped.

  design usage
This design was made to be full screen on a 800 x 600, but works with any other resolution.
Anyone is free to use this design, but if you do, email me please. Thanks!

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