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Monday November 4, 2000
Finished designing my first template. Obviously I've designed other pages before but never to be exclusively used by people other than myself. I hope you like the design and if you plan on using it please contact me so I can see it put to use.

The colors used on this site:
This should be useful if you plan on changing the colors .

#000000 - Used for the outer border on each table
#FFFFFF - The inner border for each table and active links
#CCCCCC - The color of this text
#333333 - Link color, Visited link color
#687584 - Background color
#758393 - Table background color
#4B545F - Color of text between <big> tags
#414852 - Color of text between <small> tags

This Design Was Made Possible By:

This page best viewed with my computer. Other computers may mistakenly display nude pictures of Rosie O'Donnell in place of this page.