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This is an HTML template designed by a perfectionist.

It's written in clean, consistent XHTML. It uses CSS to separate content from design whenever possible. The markup is indented, fully commented, and easy to follow.

Other points of design include:

  • Legibility: High-contrast colors ensure easy-to-read text
  • Accessibility: Fonts are relatively sized, and are therefore client-customizable - alterations in client font display size do not affect overall layout "look 'n feel". In addition, the layout retains consistency at any screen resolution, large or small.
  • Modularity: Content elements are modularized - and are therefore easily adaptable to server-side scripting solutions (i.e., blogs, &c.)
  • Font Compatibility: The laundry-list of fonts called in CSS makes for a relatively consistent look and feel across many, many platforms and operating systems.
  • Browser Compatibility: Because the markup is consistent and standards compliant, it should render correctly on any modern browser (Mozilla, IE 5+, Opera).
  • Adaptability: By extensively using CSS, customizing fonts and colors across the site is a snap.

So... Why?

Because I am tired of sites that are not logically consistent. Sites that are difficult to read. Sites that lock the client into one browser, one screen resolution, or one font size. Sites with bad, erroneous markup. Sites that place "looking cool" above content and content presentation. Sites with markup that is difficult to edit, customize, and place <? php ?> tags into the proper places. Sites with pukey colors and cheesey ASCII tricks. Sites with many, many broken, mis-placed, and incorrect <font> tags all over the place.

So there you have it.


Content questions? press me.

Technical questions? Touch me gently.

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