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The art and science of investing.

There is no mystery to success in the markets. Investing is simply a business of common sense, faith, courage, knowledge, patience and luck.

As complex as it might appear to you, the securities market is merely a case of ‘people acting like people’ -- with all their fears, enthusiasms, prejudices, stupidity and wisdom. It is not, as I like to say, rocket science.

Investing is a journey and I intend to help you on your way. As we go down the road together, it's well to keep in mind the basic guidelines I outline for you because they will apply tomorrow just as much as today.

Investing is something anybody can do successfully if they remain a student of the market, which is to say they are always open-minded, always learning, always trying to get better. At the end of the day, if you follow my time proven guidelines, set goals, use common sense and exercise self discipline, you will succeed.

You will measure your success in terms of money but money, by itself, is never as important as peace of mind, which is a synonym for happiness.

Regardless of whether you are conservative, aggressive, or speculative in personality/philosophy, the first and simplest rule to investing is that if any investment causes you, or your spouse, to worry, do not make it, or if you have already done so and you worry about it, then sell it.

Today is 6.23.02

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The whole "United We Stand" mantra really gets to me. Analyze "United States of America", broken down it's like united individual states, we're not one communistic body, were a community of individuals; unity in liberty. Divided we are Free!
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With the current state of the anti-trust trial and Lindows PCs being sold at Walmart, I can't see any possible future for a Microsoft dominated world.
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Building this has been an excellent learning experience and after studying XML and XSL, I know stylesheets will be the future and content will finally be independent.

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