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Business in a Global Market.

International investing is exciting. Rewarding. Fast-paced. The story is always the same: Offshore securities and mutual funds consistently outperform comparable U.S. investments. A strong Global Investment strategy will not only be a more certain way to accumulate wealth in the decade ahead, but it will also be the most certain way to keep it. is committed to the belief that each client possesses a unique set of needs and objectives, and that the formulation of the client's investment strategy must reflect that client's profile. We beleive that client investment strategies should incorporate a patient investment approach and adopt a long-term perspective, providing the client with the best opportunity to realize investment goals with optimal returns while minimizing risk. Changes to that strategy should be determined primarily by the client's circumstances, and not necessarily by fluctuations in the market.

For the client who wishes to receive independent and professional investment advice, while retaining control of the decisions concerning their portfolio, our Advisory Services offer an approach that can operate either as a complement to discretionary portfolio management or independently of it. Advisory Services cover a range of investment classes and Structured Products. These include individual equities and fixed interest investments, third party funds, currencies, hedge funds, options and capital protected structures. also offer an execution only and custody service under the terms of which we simply execute your instructions for the purchase and sale of equities and other assets.